In this tutorial we’re going to go over how to create a script to check domain name availability in real time. This could be beneficial if you have a long list of domain names you wish to check, or if you would like to sell domains, or display domain name availability on your web page.

We’re going to be using the Enom API which surprisingly doesn’t require you to use a unique ID for testing purposes. The test username and password for Enom is resellid and resellpw.

This one’s pretty simple, so let’s just dive into the code.

Setting Up The Project

First we want to create a new Visual Basic project. The project type we’re creating is a simple ASP.NET Empty Web Application. We’re going to name the solution EnomAPI for demonstration purposes.

project setup

Now we create a new web form page named Default.aspx.

choose add new

create Default.aspx

Your new page should look something like this:

We’re going to add the following in between the empty <div> tags:

This code will populate the paragraph tag with the status of our Enom domain name validator. We’re not quite ready to test yet, first we need to make a few changes to the header string:

That’s better. Let’s hit run and see what happens:

Hmm, it looks like our domain isn’t available. Well that’s because we have our domain variable domainName set to the string “facebook”. Since that domain is taken, it has notified us of the in unavailability.

Let’s change the domain to something more unique to see if we can find an available domain:

At the time of this tutorial, the domain “” is available. Awesome!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg with the Enom API, you can programmatically buy domain names too! Head over to their site to see what else you can do with their API.